Monday, July 11, 2011

The Redstone Saga

from Redstone's Valley



"This land, this valley, these hills,
is this not a special place?"
"It is home."
"More than home, Maria." Daniel spoke with an intensity she had not heard from him before. "It is a sacred place. Do you not feel it?"
"I feel it," she whispered.


The Redstone Saga consists of works of historical fiction/fantasy, all set in the Texas Hill country, and all relating to the lives and adventures  of of the Thorne-Redstone family.

The Redstone Trilogy:
A series of western fantasy novels set in the vicinity of the Texas Hill Country's legendary Enchanted Rock.

Redstone's Valley
Daniel's Daughter
Thorne's Return

Redstone Stories
A collection of short stories and adventures featuring the characters of the Redstone Trilogy.   The first two of these short stories, "Vision Quest" and "Incident at Bandera Pass," are now available as free PDF downloads, on the "Documents" page of my website,

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